Rail Freight Transport

Rail Freight Transport

Maritime transport within our organization is facilitated through the 'Netarail' brand. This exceptional company is highly specialized, competent and equipped to exclusively undertake rail transportation operations.

NETARAIL prides itself in meeting all client requirements through a highly skilled professional team and specially designed export and import agreements, particularly in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia region. As for all our other services, even in combined transport, our goal is to push you ahead in the competition by preparing flexible and tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Our main services are:

• Transport of goods in import/export and in transit,

• Special undercarriage options

• Professional transport solutions,

• Opportunity to work with special discounted freight rates under contract, contacting the lines directly

• Alternative transport and price offers thanks to the help of our experts,

• Possibility to select the most suitable type of transport for your cargo

• Accurate and correct preparation of bills of lading according to the lading method and letters of credit,

• Storage and filling operations in special warehouses in customs or free zones,

"We offer national transportation services between stations, factories, and warehouses with competitive pricing and a comprehensive transport insurance guarantee."

"We meticulously monitor every stage of the transportation process, providing cargo tracking and thorough information until successful delivery for both import and export shipments."

• Transit transfer operations,

• Multimodal transport

• Organization of Cross Trade loads,

• Execution of import/export customs clearance service,

• Transportation of hazardous/refrigerated and overflowing cargo,

• Take out insurance on goods.

• Key Account Management

You will be able to visit our railway transportation site, which we have prepared for you to get more comprehensive information, very soon.