Logistics Services

Logistics Services

All logistics services within our group are provided by Neta Lojistik. Our company provides services entirely dedicated to the logistics management in owned or rented warehouses and we are honored to satisfy all your storage needs.

Neta Lojistik provides fast and reliable terminal and warehouse services for all your imports, transits, exports and transfers with its team experienced in  customs regulations and logistics, equipment capabilities, within the framework of the regulations of the Customs of Republic of Turkey.

Through innovative, rational and customer-tailored solutions, we provide comprehensive services in many areas such as project transportation, multimodal - combined, heavy-duty solutions, warehousing and relocation solutions, door-to-door delivery, intermediate transportation.

As NETA Logistics, we continue to invest in intelligent storage and handling systems using high technology.

Our main services are;

• Management of cross shipments

• Supply chain management

• Warehouse management

• Inventory management

• Warehousing

• Risk management

• Handling services

• Loading and evacuation services

• Packaging and Packaging Services