Our Occupational Safety Policy

Our Occupational Safety Policy

It has top priority in all of our activities as a prerequisite for every job we do.

Base Principles

• Adopt preventive and corrective approaches.

• Ensure the participation of all levels of the organization and our stakeholders in order to improve our performance.

• Create a culture of safety at work and make this culture a way of life.

• Eliminate dangerous situations and dangerous behaviors for a safe working environment.

  1. At present, the analysis of the root cause of occupational injuries holds critical import, as does the dissemination of countermeasures which have been successful in similar contexts.
  2. The principal benchmark to take into account is risk analysis. Alongside this, it is crucial to enact visual management techniques, which may include legal admonishments, and prioritize the training and management of the operators, as well as those of the suppliers. Moreover, an indispensable task in this phase is to eliminate potential dangers related to unanticipated operational activities, such as maintenance procedures.
  3.  Includes site inspections and occupational safety patrols by top management. These works contribute significantly to the development of a superior management culture as a role model.