Open Positions

Open Positions

Neta Group can post job advertisements on various platforms. We post our vacancies early on this page of our website before the same ads appear on other platforms.

With logistics as a priority, however, we can recruit in areas such as operations management, international trade, graphics, animation and content writing.

When we have a job posting, you will be able to view it on this page.


Graphic and design specialist

General characteristics

• Able to effectively use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe After Effects programs, preferably with a basic understanding of HTML and CSS

• Graduated from the relevant departments of graphics and design, fine arts or visual communication design of universities.

• Expert in preparing social media and ADS advertising images.

• His portfolio is up to date and you will be able to reference his work.

• High visual power of design and analysis.

• Open to continuous improvement, following current developments.

• Interested in learning new industries, suited to teamwork.

• Proficient in using and managing social media platforms.

• Ability to use professional cameras and video cameras preferred.

• Individuals who have previously worked in advertising agencies or companies that have served in the logistics industry are preferred.

Job description

• Ensure preparation of all necessary images such as website categories and content images, business guides to be prepared for clients, website slider images.

• Designing images and banners for social media according to the given topic and agenda.

• Development of graphic designs, infographics and presentation files.

• Video editing and animation work.

• Perform all image editing, manipulation, modification and editing activities.

• Preparation of social media advertising and ADS advertising images.

• Share prepared drawings and manage company social media accounts.

• Shooting and arranging videos and photos on company matters edited in-house when required.

• Carry out design development work working in integration with content producers, software and digital marketing team mates.

Mode of Operation: Office/Corporate Building

Working hours: 5 days a week | 8.30-18.00

You can forward your resumes to our e-mail address


General characteristics

• Computer engineering, software engineering, management information systems, etc. of universities. graduated from the departments.

• Has 1-2 years of industry experience.

• Able to work in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, My Sql languages.

• Knowledge of cPAnel and database administration.

• Will be able to master and manage domains, certificates, hosting control panels.

• Expert in Google SEO and Yandex Metrica.

• Good level of professional knowledge of English.

• Knowledge of graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

• Sensitive to new generation technologies and open to development.

• Preferably experienced in API integration.

• Able to generate new ideas.

• Has a design point of view for websites.

Job Description

• Fulfill changes for contact forms, price request forms, minor theme changes, icon changes, etc. requested on our company websites.

• Research landing page website themes and publish the website with approved themes.

• Creation of development pages where customers can submit files or collect data from websites when needed.

• Make adjustments Google SEO and Yandex.Metrica of websites.

• Experienced in managing Google ADS and will be able to be involved in digital advertising of websites.

• Can lead the related unit in light of new technologies and developments.

• Carry out regular work in the field of analysis of website users, most visited pages and other reports provided by Google and Yandex.

• Expert in correcting small and medium errors of web platforms.

Mode of Operation: Office/Corporate Building

Working hours: 5 days a week | 8.30-18.00

You can forward your resumes to our e-mail address

Content Creator and Copywriter

General characteristics

• Graduated from the communication/advertising, international trade and logistics departments of universities.

• Good command of grammar and spelling rules.

• Able to create original content by reading, researching and examining different industries. The creative side is strong.

• Closely follow the digital world and dominate the trends.

• Able to produce slogans, mottos and value propositions for projects.

• Previously worked in traditional and digital advertising areas and produced content.

• Expert in presentation files, infographics, industry guide, social media content production.

• Has experience producing content for corporate clients.

• Prone to teamwork, compatible and conducive to the development of teammates.

• Experience in the international logistics industry is preferred.

• A good command of the English language is preferred.

Job Description

• Within our logistics company, the duty of producing content and copywriting for several websites falls under your purview.

• Developing websites with promotional intentions, designed to appeal to different sectors, constitutes a pivotal facet of this role.

• Establishing the advertising language of web platforms and social media accounts, and engaging in innovative outreach undertakings, stands as a core responsibility.

• The preparation of sector guides on behalf of client companies and furnishing the requisite content shall also form part of the job remit.

• To write texts of social media accounts.

• Present new ideas and conduct content studies in accordance with digitization and trends.

• Perform work in integration with the Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Software departments and take responsibility for your own field.

Mode of Operation: Office/Corporate Building

Working hours: 5 days a week | 8.30-18.00

You can forward your resumes to our e-mail address