One of the most important services adding value to the transport of goods is the storage service. The processes of preparing air cargoes, delivere them for storage for a certain period of time and then shipping them to another designated destination, falls under the warehousing services. Here at Neta Group, the transport of a load is not considered just as a transfer from one place to another, but we consider  it as a whole process from start to finish. In this context, we meet  our customers’ storage needs in the most advanced facilities. ‘Storage is the generic name of the broader scope of activities; receive, deposit, count, collect, check and ship.

Warehouse services offer significant added value for businesses:

• Reduction of shipping times

• Ability to respond to urgent needs

• Safe packaging and labeling

• High level of security and low risk of error

• Product specific service

• Easy inventory management

These elements listed above can be indicated as the most important among the added values.

How does Neta Group manage deposit processes?

 Neta Group considers storage processes as an integral part of an overall transportation. We apply our perspective to all warehouse services during a transport; we work to build each part with perfection to get a coherent whole.

We are aware that we are conducting a giant orchestra! Using each instrument right, we compose the perfect harmony for you.

Based on the needs of our customers, we offer customized storage options according to the products and shipping kind. Thanks to our sales staff who maintain constant and direct communication, our customers will benefit from our secure storage and shipping service. In our warehouses we operate only with trained, expert in the field and professional personnel to ensure greater safety.

Our warehouses can serve for the storage of general cargo, dangerous or perishable goods. Based on the content of your cargo package, our expert team is at your service.