From ancient boats to majestic medieval galleons, which are works of art in themselves, from elegant steamboats that developed rapidly in the era of the Industrial Revolution, to gigantic nuclear-powered ships, naval transport is still one of the hardest  professions in the world, despite its technological advances.

Navigators who contributed greatly to the development of maritime trade and seafaring; thanks to Vasco Da Gama, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Piri Reis and many others, our world could achieve enormous technological and economic progress.

The Mediterranean basin has a very important role in this formation. In this geographical area, which was the center of ancient civilizations, many countries developed mainly thanks to their relationship with the sea.

Throughout history, the Anatolian area has always been the crossroads of land and overseas trade routes; it acquired a vast maritime culture thanks to the advantage of being a Mediterranean coast and possessing the straits that connect the Black Sea to the southern seas.

Maritime trade and navigation, over the centuries, have formed their own universal traditions, rules and laws over time.

Neta Group is a company with these sailor genes accumulated through the history and provides its service while remaining faithful to the universal values of maritime trade using current technology.

The companies of the Neta Group, which include both air and sea transport, were founded by Erdinç and Ersan Keleş, who have been operating in these sectors and logistics since 2001.

Their family counts more than 60 years of experience and continues to create value for their customers and business partners, with modern technical equipment, contemporary management approach, but infused with the universal values of the trade that will always remain valid.

Thanks to our commercial approach always aiming for the best, Neta Group has the ability to serve companies of all sizes, from small to large, thanks to its collaborators who have completed their accreditation and training with the relevant international organizations.

Fair Wind with Neta …to all of you