Neta Group

Neta Group

Neta Group is a global provider of transportation and logistics solutions. With our headquarters in Istanbul, located in the geographic center of the continents Europe, Africa and Asia, we manage the operations for  large distribution networks and for the hubs in our region, creating an extensive global network that spans over five continents . We are becoming a global player serving worldwide through our international agencies and networks. Wide-ranging logistics and transport solutions ar the heart of our business, from supplies to shipments deliveries.

In a rapidly digitalizing world, the transport and logistics sector is increasingly managed with web-based software, thanks to automation and IT infrastructure.

We are strengthening our hardware and software infrastructure to produce more flexible and efficient solutions for all our customers, from small to large. We are entering the world of the Internet of Things especially for the logistical needs of our industrial customers.

It is a seafaring tradition to say "Fair Wind" to sailors going on a voyage...

In the sailor's language it is the wish the journey to be completed safe without encountering any obstacles, which means having the road clear.

Faithful to the traditions of maritime trade carried out since ancient times on the shores of the Mediterranean, ‘Neta Group’ is a group of companies created to provide transport and logistics services with these values,  blending with today's technology.

Le tradizioni universali del commercio marittimo, le consuetudini formatesi dal mare e dal suo commercio passate attraverso il filtro dei secoli, sono il faro che guida il nostro gruppo.

We wish you a good journey on this path that we have undertaken with you,

May the wind always be favorable to you with Neta...

The goal of our company is to be an active and effective logistics service provider both in traditional and in modern commercial ways.

Neta Group has made of loyalty, transparency, responsibility and 101% customer satisfaction its guiding principles and is close to become a proactive logistics company built on knowledge, skills and innovation according to the needs of the digital era.


Manager, Founder and CEO


The Companies of our Group aim to ensure the safety of people, business partners, suppliers and visitors, goods and services, operating according to the levels of security imposed by the relevant State Bodies for each sector. To this end, the safety measures and procedures in our plants and vehicles will be applied to require minimal intervention and cause minimal delay.

Our partners, customers and other stakeholders trust us for our professionalism and loyalty. We seek to keep this reputation to the highest standards. We deliver our services within the framework of our company policies, professional standards, ethical commitments and rules, and demonstrate the necessary  dedication to fulfill our obligations.


Since our foundation, we aimed to the constant improvement our environmental impact for the safety, protection and conservation of natural resources. Our Statement of Commitment was created under the principles of sustainability and all  the activities designed to ensure the stability between ecological variables and global development.


Occupational Safety has the highest priority in all our activities as an essential prerequisite in every job we undertake.

Our basic principles: to adopt preventive and corrective approaches in order to eliminate dangerous situations and behaviours, for a safe working environment, to ensure the participation of all levels of the organization and our stakeholders, in order to improve our performance, create a culture of safety at work and make this culture a way of life.


Always Fast and even faster

It aims to deliver all shipments to our customers on time.


To deliver all our customers' shipments without any damage.


That is, to deliver all of our customers' shipments at the best price.