Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Transportation

In international or national shipments, intermodal transports are those who emply at least two different methods, without making changes to the load; this is transferred directly from one modality of transport to another. Consistent with this method, the most suitable types of transport are determined for the different regions and time and cost savings are achieved.

To effectively perform intermodal transportation from a central hub, an extensive logistics network is imperative. Collaborating with companies that possess robust and seamless connections within air, rail, sea, and land transportation modes is a vital prerequisite for intermodal transportation operations.

The Neta Group appends an extensive range of routes to its offerings, courtesy of its effective services in all modes of transportation. The availability of alternative regions and routes considerably diminishes waiting times and reduces the need for storage space for loads, culminating in prompt and secure deliveries to their designated destinations.

By harnessing connections with top-tier transportation services in all modes of transport, Neta Group proffers numerous routes to its clientele. The provision of alternative regions and alternative routes consequently reduces waiting times whilst optimizing cargo storage space, allowing a rapid and secure delivery to the designated drop-off point.

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